ACT NOW for Clean Air

Each year tens of thousands of families in the South Coast Basin suffer from asthma,
respiratory illness and cardiovascular diseases due to poor air quality.
We need to take action and end the suffering TODAY.

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The Path to Clean Air

Watch this video to learn about the #1 cause of air pollution in our area, and what you can do now to help clean it up.


The Advanced Clean Trucks (ACT) Now Plan aims to accelerate the San Pedro Bay Ports’ Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP). It offers a cost-effective opportunity, using proven technology, to drastically and immediately reduce emissions from the 13,000 port trucks serving the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

The ACT Now Plan encompasses all zero- and near-zero emission technologies and fuels, including renewable natural gas, propane, battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell electric, and others that meet the California Air Resources Board’s alternative low NOx standard of 0.02 g/bhp-hr and can achieve a minimum 40 percent reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions using renewable fuels or energy.

By 2023, the ACT Now Plan would provide:
  • 99 percent reduction in annual NOx emissions, which equals approximately 5.5 tons of NOx per day of surplus NOx emission reductions for Southern California.
  • 100 percent reduction in petroleum consumption (more than 115 million gallons/year) and the corresponding use of ultra-low-carbon renewable fuel, largely produced in California.
  • $1 billion to $1.3 billion of private sector investment in fueling infrastructure, supply chain assets, and renewable natural gas production facilities throughout California.
  • Immediate and significant California-based job creation across a range of building trades in the next 5 to 10 years.

Download a copy of the full ACT Now Plan report.
The plan is built on the pillars of a healthy environment, economic investment and job creation, and port competitiveness.

The Three Pillars


The ACT Now Plan will slash NOx emissions by up to 99.8%, cut greenhouse gas emissions, eliminate diesel particulate matter, and eliminate petroleum fuel.


Deploying low NOx trucks throughout California powered by California Renewable Natural Gas could create up to 130,000 new jobs and add $14 Billion to California’s economy according to economic consulting firm ICF.


The ACT Now Plan is the lowest cost, most cost-effective and most reliable path to clean air.

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The American Lung Association rated Los Angeles-Long Beach as the “Most Ozone-Polluted City” in America for 2016. It’s time we take action and urge the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles to require zero and near-zero emissions trucks by the year 2023. Our communities and our children can't wait any longer.


"The 2010 emission standards for heavy-duty engines have established a limit for oxides of nitrogen (NOX) emissions of 0.20 g/bhp-hr, a 90% reduction from the previous emission standards. However, it is projected that even when the entire on-road fleet of heavy-duty vehicles operating in California is compliant with the 2010 NOX emission standards, the upcoming National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) requirements for ambient particulate matter and ozone will not be achieved in California without further significant reduction in NOX emissions from the heavy-duty vehicles."

Air Resources Board Research Seminar
Evaluating Technologies and Methods to Lower Nitrogen Oxide Emissions from Heavy-Duty Vehicles

  • Speakers: Christopher Sharp, Staff Engineer, Diesel Engine and Emissions R & D Department and Ian Smith, Research Engineer, Spark Ignited Engine Research and Development Department, Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas.
  • Date & Time: Thursday, June 15, 2017, 10:00 am PDT
  • Address: Sierra Hearing Room, Second Floor, Cal EPA Headquarters, 1001 "I" Street, Sacramento, CA
Los Angeles Air Pollution Event